This new work from the SFU Generative Media Project is a meditation on our natural environment, inviting viewers to savor the passing of time over the course of the year.  A computational system has been developed to create an on-going video sequence joined by slow visual transitions and enriched with music and soundscape.  It is a real-time cybernetic collaboration between three generative systems: video sequencing, soundscape, and music. The processes run continuously, creating a seamless audio-visual output for a single high-definition video stream with stereo sound.

Filmmaker and project leader Jim Bizzocchi has instantiated his Ambient Video aesthetics within the generative code that sequences the video clips. Generative music artist and composer Arne Eigenfeldt has developed a version of his MUSE BOTS system to continuously provide music. The AUME system of soundscape generation developed by Philippe Pasquier and Miles Thorogood has been modified and used to provide a matching ambient soundscape.  The three systems communicate with each other in real-time, adjusting the sound and music to reflect the content of the video sequences.

Seasons was created with the assistance of team members Jianyu Fan, Le Fang, Matt Horrigan, Paul Paroczai and Justine Bizzocchi.

The video material has been shot specifically for this work by a team of talented videographers working under Jim Bizzocchi’s direction. The video team included DoP Glen Crawford, Jenni Rempel, Adrian Bisek and Active Ingredient studio members Samantha Derochie, Jeremy Mamisao and Julian Giordano.

Support for the research and creation of Seasons has been provided by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, with additional support from the GRAND NCE and the School of Interactive Arts + Technology at Simon Fraser University.  Thanks to Emily Carr University of Art + Design for providing space for the first exhibition of this work.

A fuller description of the work and ongoing development of the generative system can be found at

>>Full Credits for SEASONS

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