SSHRC Research and Creation Support Material

Grant title: The Generative Documentary Form: an Exploration of Computational Creation

Applicant:  Jim Bizzocchi

Co-Applicants: Arne Eigenfeldt and Philippe Pasquier

Collaborators: William Uricchio and Miles Thorogood

SEASONS (2015-16)

This is a short excerpt from the live output of the generative installation “Seasons”.  The work combines generative video, audio, and music to create an on-going stream of images that traverse the four seasons of the year.  This is a collaborative project by the Generative Media Project (Jim Bizzocchi, Arne Eigenfeldt, Philippe Pasquier).

Moments (2016) – Arne Eignefeldt

Moments is a generative installation that explores Moment-form, a term Stockhausen coined to describe his music that avoids directed narrative curves. Through the use of musebots – independent musical agents – that utilise a parameterBot to generate an overall template of “moments”, the agents communicate their intentions and coordinate conditions for collaborative machine composition.

This version of Moments is for two Disklavier pianos.

The work was premiered at New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME), in Brisbane Australia, July 2016.

Audio Metaphor – Miles Thorogood, Philippe Pasquier, Arne Eigenfeldt, Jianyu Fan

Audio Metaphor is an interactive system that presents itself as a search engine in which the audience is invited to enter an expression or a sentence that will serve as a request to an automatic soundscape generation system.

Audio Metaphor link