Creative Directors:

Jim Bizzocchi
Arne Eigenfeldt
Philippe Pasquier

Creative contributors: 

Arne Eigenfeldt – Music
Miles Thorogood – Soundscape
Glen Crawford – Director of Photography
Jim Bizzocchi – Videography
Samantha Derochie – Videography
Jeremy Mamisao – Videography
Julian Giordano – Videography
Jenni Rempel – Videography
Adrian Bisek – Videography
Samantha Derochie – Video Post
Brady Marks – Max Transitions
Justine Bizzocchi – Producer

SFU Generative Media Project: 

Jim Bizzocchi, Principal Investigator
Arne Eigenfeldt, Co-Investigator
Philippe Pasquier, Co-Investigator
Tom Calvert, Collaborator
William Uricchio, Collaborator
Miles Thorogood – Research Assistant
Jianyu Fan – Research Assistant
Le Fang – Research Assistant
Matt Horrigan – Research Assistant
Paul Paroczai – Research Assistant
Natalie Funk – Research Assistant
Justine Bizzocchi – Research Manager

Support for the SFU Generative Media Project has been provided by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada [SSHRC], with additional support from the GRAND NCE and the School of Interactive Arts + Technology at Simon Fraser University.

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