Blurred Lines – Mediascape Installation

Mediascape uses a recombinant generative computational system developed by Bizzocchi to sequence and display video clips from nature and landscape in an ever­changing visual flow. The video clips have been shot specifically for this project and processed to optimize the visual style for ambient video. Creative use of text­based tags drives the selection and sequencing of the visuals, as well as the creation of the music and 3 separate soundscapes. Three different soundscape tracks are generated using the AUME system (Pasquier and Thorogood), which uses semantic and sentiment analysis of tags for retrieving environmental sound recordings from a database that are segmented, and categorized by the system for recombination to accompany the visuals. Musical composition is generated by Eigenfeldt using the MMM software he has developed.

One of the artist’s roles is to effectively implement the desired aesthetic goals for the work within a logical computational framework. The framework in this case is multi­layered and complex, involving systems that analyse and respond to media sources directly as well as in combination with artist­generated cues (including tags or algorithmic processes). The computational systems will have impact beyond their contribution to the work itself. To the extent that the resulting work surprises (for better or for worse) the artists’ expectations, these systems may inspire a new aesthetic perspective or insight that will enhance the work as it evolves, or lead to a new direction for the artists.


Generative Media Project Artists:

Jim Bizzocchi (Video)

Philippe Pasquier (Soundscape)

Arne Eigenfeldt (Music)

Tom Calvert (Video)

Miles Thorogood (Soundscape)

Le Fang (Max engine)

Justine Bizzocchi (Video, Project Coordinator)

Additional Contributions:

Videography: Glen Crawford, Jim Bizzocchi, Samantha Derochie

Re:Cycle engine: Saeedeh Bayatpour, Wakiko Suzuki, Brian Quan, Majid Bagheri



School of Interactive Arts and Technology and School for Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

Banff New Media Institute





Mediascape was exhibited at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design as part of “Blurred Lines”, August 8-22, 2014.

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